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A beta created for the 3rd Annual Spooktober Visual Novel Jam, Tri City Monsters throws you head first into a supernatural underworld right in your own home turf.   Meet Mori, punk rock poster child and a general menace- the face of chaos has never been so handsome uwu.  Mori's also got a secret to share but its no problem as  long as you love big furry monsters.  


  • Choose your name and Pronouns
  • 3 endings
  • Hot Punks
  • Hot CatBeast (Technically a hot Bakeneko for those in the know!)
  • Incredibly Rad Artwork by Atlas
  • Currently about 30 min long with stream-safe audio!

Content Warnings!

  • Lots of adult language
  • Use of Alcohol
  • Blood & Violence
  • Mild Body Horror
  • PG13 Makeouts


  • 6 very sexy characters
  • and their monster forms, including a Dragon, a sentient Virus, and a Succubus
  • In Depth Story for Each
  • Multiple Endings
  • Full color art and CGs

Meet this chapter's Love Interest!

This installment is a prototype "Book 1" for one potential love interest.  In the coming months we hope to add multiple new characters and books for each route.  Stick around if you wanna see update content + additional improvements.


TriCityMonsters-1.2-pc.zip 122 MB
TriCityMonsters-1.2-mac.zip 87 MB

Development log


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did it get updated?


Just some really minor behind-the-curtain/maintenance stuff, nothing story related.   I'll make another big devlog post when the next major update is ready so you definitely won't miss it. πŸ™


OML this has been an absolute blast so far!! i love everything about it, the story, the music and the visuals! all stunning!! the dialogue and choices are relatable and hilarious too! also, *ahem* as a gigantic furry, mori's monster form got me feeling things, literally kept jumping up and down in my chair trying not to pass out from how flustered i was. CAN'T WAIT FOR FUTURE UPDATES!!


Thank you so much for playing!! I've got more in the works right now with plenty of this chaotic goblin man to go around.


Nice. A good start to a visual novel avoiding the usual overused tropes. Looking forward to more.


Thanks very much!  Excited to get yall some more content as soon as I can! :D


ubdates ? plz

I'm on it!  Working right now on an improved version of this episode with 18+ content and then I'll be releasing new characters!  You can also keep an eye on the Tri City Monsters discord as I tend to post weekly progress updates there!


Holy Hell! I love everything about this! The soundtrack, the visuals, the story! I literally felt my adrenaline spike!

The only thing I really want is to see the toe beans. Are Mori's paws super fluffy?

I've never considered myself a furry, but fuck, now I'm having doubts.

*cups hands and holds them out* More, please!

Thank you so much!!

Yes, Mori has SUPER fluffy paws!  His bakeneko form is definitely best suited for cold mountains and having all that fur keeps his beans warm and protected. :D


im actually liking this alot...like alot alot.......like alot alot alot.


:D super happy to hear that! Thanks for playing!

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nonono thank YOU for the hard work <3


Yes,just yes.Masterpiece!

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Thank you so much for playing! Hoping to add more content soon!


I can't wait!!!


oh my !! love this  <3 <3 <3

Thank you so much for playing!!

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>3> looove this game alot and the characters I realllly love Kaito <3 is there going to be 18+ in the future? >///<?

Yes there is!! Stay tuned for updates, 18+ content will be coming soon!


I'm so going to daydream about Mori later <33 I loved playing this so much!! I really had fun going through the dialogue, plus I love love love chaotic characters (who also double as fine af) and I completely recommend for others who are reading this to play it as well!! well done, dev(s)! :D<3

Thank you so much for playing!  Very excited to develop more very chaotic things for this wild gremlin to get into!!


Wow sooo looking forward to future updates (and nsfw content :3) 

Mori is amazing (both human and furry version) and the story so far intriguing! 

The art style is eye catching,  I especially enjoyed the soundtrack and I'm so glad  to be able to pick my own pronouns :)

Thank you for playing!! I literally cannot wait to bring the spicy Mori content out.  My artist and I are both super excited for him to show off his secret tattoo!


Captivating!! I was already way into this concept because hellooooo monster boys but the script has an incredible charm from the get go and the sprite + cg work is lovely. Kaito's design is a marriage of a lot of things I love so I might be heavily biased but uuuu I care him....

Hungry for more of him and more of this world. Looking forward to future content from the team. 


Thank you so much for playing TriCity!  I'm so happy to unleash this chaotic man into the world <3

I'm working very hard on delivering more content including new characters and more of Mori himself (as well as spicier content) + I'm hoping to have more news to share very soon!


Was looking for new games and i found this awesome game by accident, thank you for making such incredible masterpiece! :3

Thank you so much for playing

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DAAAMN and HOLYYYY!!! Am I allowed to support you somehow...?? This was WAY too good and SO unusual or unique! I absolutely can't wait for future updates, so I sincerely wish much more content is planned ;P Since the page here suggestively hints at something like that, yeah, I'm hopeful and exited~ 

Even though the dialogue is silly throughout I still love it, that's partially because there's a big chance I'd react a lot like the protagonist does when you decide to go with all positive choices. ^^ 

Although I can't really say much about the two characters so far, they're nicely written. Both give off a pretty natural impression.

What can I say about the artwork? It is quite stunning, and how background and foreground create contrast without being distracting toward each other feels seamless.

The lack of nsfw is definetly disappointing, not gonna lie, but the story will make up for it.

I'm glad "Tri City Monsters" got me hooked again on (furry) visual novels. Unfortunately well written does often not equal engaging any more. Thankfully though, this game captivated and pulled me in. It became one of my favorites. The sudden cliffhanger, however, was a bit harsh.

You should consider making a Patreon account. Personally, I'd be willing to join.

In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed your game, despite initial reluctance. After a few more updates I'll be sure to remember rating 5 stars and writing a review.

So, I wish you the best of success for your project. But take care as well, take a break if it becomes necessary too. My favorite thing in this preview was the close up of Mori's bakeneko face. So cute and adorable =^.^=

<3 from Germany~

(Also, doesn't the genre Otome usually target a different group of people...? I, for one, am gay as hell. Get it? And am I correct to assume, you're Japanese? Edit: never mind "located in Arizona" has been found)


Thank you so so much for playing TriCity! 

Yes! I do have more coming and I'm hoping to get on more content quickly!  I have plans for 5 new romanceable characters in addition to Mori plus full stories for each.  I also plan on including NSFW content with full uncensored cgs.  TriCity was actually submitted as a Jam game and one of their rules was no adult content until judging was over.  Further updates will definitely have it though!

I'm in the process of planning the rest of the game and putting a patreon together so that I can build up a little TriCity community as we move forward so please stick around, I would love to have you.

Also as far as otome goes, from my understanding, typically that genre is aimed at straight women-  which, I realize is a different demographic than gay men, however while TriCity is pretty nontraditional for an otome, I feel like it could appeal to both audiences as the Love Interests will be compatible with the player no matter what pronouns they choose.  And also I'm still adjusting my grasp on the Itch sphere of otome style games and the communities in the greater Visual Novel World so there might be some adjustments to tags and stuff later.  :)

I will forward your compliments to my artist, I'm sure they'll be stoked to hear it.  Thank you so much again for playing and leaving such a thoughtful comment and I hope to bring you some tasty new stories soon.  (And also yes! Not Japanese, just your friendly neighborhood desert-dweller! :D )


Sounds awsome =D Can absolutely not wait! Say, when will I be able to join Patreon? Is perhaps a Discord server planned too? If so I'm not sure I'd join there, but Patreon for sure. 

It do be like that sometimes, itch games can be confuzzling with them tags >.>

Alright, I'm looking forward to what you have in store for us ;)


Very soon!  I am working on getting them up and running right now.  I will make a post about so no worries, you'll definitely know when its ready!  Thank you so much, again!

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Awsome! Good to know, and you are very welcome! Not to mention, good luck at the spooktober festival ✌️


You left me at the hot make-out scene, AGHHH! I NNNNNNNEEEEEEDDDDD MMMOOORREE! IT'S SO GOOOOD!!! (Im a sucker for demon love stories. heh.)

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Thank you very much!  I am so pumped to bring you more Mori makeouts, demons, and demon makeouts.


AAAAHHHHHHHHH the subtle cliff hanger drives me crazy, updates plzzzz i need more Mori.... did i say that out loud?....oops

I cannot wait to bring you more Mori, I love writing him!


Aaahhh! Yaaaaaaayyyyy!! Morriiiiiii!!


Loved this and canNOT wait to see more. 

Thank you! I am so excited to bring yall more of Mori + new characters!


I downloaded the game expecting a fun, punky, world-of-darkness-vibes story and got oh so much more! I'm so glad you didn't do the thing where you can only interact with the human form of a shapeshifter. Looking forward to the next update!

Also a small tip from a dev perspective: the furry+gay tag combo has been the best performing source of downloads for all of my games. I don't know if that's a demographic you want to target, but I think there would be plenty of people interested in this game  over there (especially if you make the bakeneko sprite a little more prominent on the cover). ;3


oh my god thank you so much, both for the compliment and the tips.  I am all about my friendly neighborhood gay furries and I will absolutely implement those changes.  I can't believe I overlooked that, thank you so so much.


How can Mori be so hot and yet so cute??! Gosh, I'm in love with his sprites. Especially the blushing oneπŸ₯ΊπŸ’•πŸ’• That bakeneko too… got me all hooked up πŸ‘€πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ 

The plot is interesting and it makes me curious to see the next love interests and their stories. Awesome job!πŸ€—β€οΈ


Thank you!!  Mori is incredibly fun to write and I'm so excited to introduce other Love Interests with different kinds of appeal and personalities!

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Very interesting game.  It is definitely different and unique in its own way. If you are looking for a game with a good interactive story plot then I would highly recommend you try out this game! Well done! 


A little different from the dating sims I usually play, but very engaging and gets straight into the action. 5/5 would bakeneko again. Can't wait to see what other chapters come out for this.